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Clairvoyant ~ Claircognizant ~ Clairsentient Psychic ~ Angel Medium ~ High Vibrational Practitioner

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I am only contacting our Angels, Guides for messages, ensuring my clients will receive guidance from the Highest Realm, delivered with love, honesty, and accuracy. My job is to relate this messages unaltered. 

Angels are the Messengers of God, always around us, and when called upon, they are always ready to help. I receive these messages from them and lovingly deliver them to you. 

I have been doing readings for 10 years+.​​

A personal message from Szilvia

I am originally from Budapest, Hungary, but my mother's bloodline extends back to Transylvania. My father's line can be traced back 1000 years in Hungary (old Pannonia) when the seven tribes first descended there from Asia. My psychic gift comes from my mother's side, where four generations of women have had spiritual gifts. My great-grandmother was curing people with special herbs and plants, and with psychic gifts as well. Very often she did that in secret, fearing the destiny of burned witches. 

I have always been "sensitive" since childhood, feeling spirits, often seeing them at night, being completely scared. Happily believing my mother when she would say that it's all my imagination. Throughout my life, I've had accurate visions and premonitions and could feel people. Growing up I chose Nursing as a career because taking care of people is all I wanted to do. 
I raised my children as a single mother going through good and bad like everyone else. I had a traumatizing experience in my life about 10 years ago, prompting me to reach deep and pray to God. I reached out to a Shaman Psychic and she told me that I, myself, am a psychic going through the "experiencing " phase of my life so that later on I can relate to the pain and hardships of this life. I learned from Sylvia Browne, practiced her techniques, and expanded my knowledge. I learned Angel Tarot reading from Doreen Virtue and Channeling from my dear mentor and friend, Master Psychic Anna Simon. As a member of the Best Psychic Directory I have been evaluated by Bob Olson to ensure my clients receive the most reputable and legitimate psychic readings possible.

it is my utmost pleasure to be available to you for a reading. since life is hard there is no reason for not reaching out. I'd love to, and am able to help!

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Angel Medium

Angel mediums are high vibrational practitioner psychics, who are only connecting with the purest, most powerful positive energy sources: the messengers of God, our Angels, and Guides. The connection is achieved by channeling. The word “channel “means, connection. That is exactly what a psychic medium becomes trough energy, chakra cleansing, energy space cleansing and raising energy vibrations, using sage, crystals, meditation, visualization, becoming receptors to the high energy connections. Some of the practitioners see (clairvoyance),hear(clairaudience),know (claircognizant),and feel(clairsentient). We all have senses that we use primarily, most often 2 out of 3.

No psychic works the same way; we all have our unique gifts and techniques that make us special. I use channeling and prayers, with the occasional aid of Angel tarot cards. My main senses are clairvoyance, claircognizance, and clairsentience.

I love nature, hiking, horseback riding, swimming, yoga, animals, have two dogs. Love gardening, my beautiful plants. I am an ethical and nurturing person; helping others is my life.​ My two beautiful daughters are my blessing, giving and kind, my constant source of happiness and strength.


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Soul, Mind, Body

I am very happy to share with you the things that enhance my life. Some of it is related to my psychic work and some of its health and wellness related. In a way, it all ties together: we only can function at full capacity, when our Soul. Mind and Body are healthy and full of positive energy. 

Sometimes, I will talk to you about holistic healing products, like sage, specially charged candles, stones, and aromatherapy. Sometimes, it will be about healthy eating or be outside in nature, take a nice walk, clear your mind, and I will write about places to visit. Love, happiness can only be achieved when we consciously open ourselves to receive this gifts and able return them to our loved ones and people in our lives.

If I recommend products, it will be the ones I use, know it and love it. Please feel free to browse in the product recommendation at the bottom, you won't be charged, but it will provide you a quick connection to an online store if you wish to make a purchase.

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